Main Services:

  • Video recording
    (regular camera or drone)

  • Video editing

Other Services:

  • Graphic design

  • Websites

  • Facebook pages

  • Creation of maps

  • Creation of magazines

  • Photography
    (regular camera or drone)


Tourism content, commercials, mini documentaries, culture and history, nature and community work, among others.

This does not imply that other subjects are treated with less quality, we have simply been guided more towards the subjects mentioned above and gigs like these come more often because of the reputation we’ve achieved with Disfruta Orocovis and other projects.

Here is a good example: We did a job for the Puerto Rican company InverSol (solar energy systems) who sought to identify and donate a system to a family in need. They knew about us because of our work with Disfruta Orocovis. This falls under community work, but we could still create an instructional video or web page for them. To see more examples of other topics we have worked on, see our portfolio.

– Personal events like weddings, birthdays, family parties, etc.

– Events related to cars.

– Even though I’ve filmed music videos, I prefer not to put it as a service since that will depend on the style of music. I might or miy not have the right chemistry. Here you can see a video I made for Puya:  Hecha el Resto

Yes and no. There’s no minimum of hours per se but in cases where the job takes less than 4 hours there will be an additional fee for having to take the day for that job. This will be discussed in detail in the quotation process.

Maing videos without narration, just music. Setting for audio recording and the editing make the process more expensive.

Assuming that the video will be used on the internet (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) you CAN’T just use any music you like. It’s illegal unless a permit is paid and this is very expensive. There is a lot of free which is what we always use.

Yes. There are places and situations where flying a drone is illegal. For example, above people. Crowd shots can be done but from an angle and not directly above them. There are also places where it is forbidden for its historical or natural value. The best example is El Morro.

There are other things that could interfere with the drone like rain and places with a lot of metal that interfere with its signal. For example, it’s much easier to take off from an empty lot than next to a car.

Contact us at 787.222.6409 or e-mail us: reniet@studio625pr.com for a quote